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Join Markus Pukonen Embarking on Routes of Change

WHEN: July 13, 2015 ~ 6:00 pm
WHERE: Silverbirch Ave. and the Martin Goodman trail in the Beaches, Toronto

One of Canada’s Top Explorers, Markus Pukonen, is setting off to circumnavigate the globe using all manner of non-motorized transport from canoe to pogostick. Prophetically called “Routes of Change,” this project is supporting and highlighting groups working for a better world. Prevent Cancer Now is honoured to be a partner.

We see that old roads are not all taking us to the healthier world we envision, and that we all need to discover Routes of Change.

Please join Prevent Cancer Now Chair Meg Sears and many others on this historic occasion, to paddle/peddle /run/row/sing & dance/hop/sail/skip/ski/skate/cartwheel alongside, to walk the Beaches boardwalk, as Markus Pukonen embarks on his voyage around the world, to transform the world.

PCN Annual General Meeting

The Prevent Cancer Now Board invites members to join us in the Annual General Meeting, online at 8pm EDT, August 5th, 2015.

All who sign-up by August 4th are eligible to have a say in PCNs plans for the coming year. Please note that annual renewal of your membership is required to participate in the AGM.

Please email to confirm participation, and for meeting details.

Volunteer For A Healthier World!

Community Volunteers

Prevent Cancer Now is happy to partner with citizens eager for education or support in cancer prevention.

We most certainly welcome fundraising for cancer prevention. “Cures” and edifices receive millions of dollars, but funding is scarce when “success” means that nothing happens. Please email

Board members

The annual renewal of the Prevent Cancer Now Board is your chance to work with Canada’s Civil Society Organization that is focused on stopping cancer before it starts! PCN brings the strongest, current science to prevent cancer – to improve environmental and public health – with education and advocacy, as well as original research.

Prevent Cancer Now has a working Board of Directors. Passion for cancer prevention is essential, and expertise in science, medicine, finance, law, fundraising, administration, writing, art, communications, and foremost, laughing and loving are welcome and needed. Directors are expected to attend monthly teleconferences (approximately 1 hour), take initiatives to support the PCN organization, and further PCN projects and objectives.

Prevent Cancer Now aims for a broad range of representation, both in terms of geography and backgrounds. If you are curious or interested, please email

Citizen Scientists

Citizen scientists are needed to help with data extraction, for a pesticides project – no experience necessary! Science is “90% perspiration,” so here is your chance to learn a bit about scientific process while helping out.

For more information, please email