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raw meat on white surface

WHO says hot dogs, bacon cause cancer

More than thirty years ago, scientists noted that a chemical widely used to preserve meats — sodium nitrites — are converted by stomach acid into a chemical known to damage DNA — nitrosamines. Rather than take steps to encourage the use of alternative preservatives, we have ‘waited’ for proof of human harm. The World Health Organization has just concluded that we have sufficient ‘proof’ That means that we have numbers of people that have been sickened or died with cancers that arose from consuming these foods.

Whether for food preservatives or mobile phone radiation, this reactive approach to public policy means that we are treating ourselves like lab rats in an experiment with no controls. We wait for the body count to mount.

We cannot afford to assume things are safe until we have irrefutable evidence of harm having taken place. All the attention to how foods can affect the risk of breast and colon cancer is welcomed but sadly misses a key modern component of the puzzle. Mobile phones and other sources of microwave radiation can accelerate the growth of abnormal cells and enhance the toxicity of toxic chemicals already in the body.


With thanks to Dr. Devra Davis,
— The PCN Team