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The Environmental Injustice of Beauty

Earlier this year, the ENRICH Project and partners, Prevent Cancer Now, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment, missINFORMED, Shake Up the Establishment, and Environmental Defence hosted a three-part webinar series in conversation with researchers, health professionals, activists, and community members about the adverse health impacts of toxic personal care products and beauty products.

The webinars followed our 2022 social media campaign, “The Environmental Injustice of Beauty” which aimed to raise awareness about the negative health effects of toxic products, as well as the role of Eurocentric beauty standards in influencing product use with content creator, Josie Ely.

Webinar 1

The Health Effects of Toxic Beauty and Personal Care Products

February 15, 2023

A conversation about the adverse health effects of cumulative toxic exposures from personal care and beauty products, how race, gender and class intersect to exacerbate health impacts, and how to challenge this issue through advocating for safer products and moving towards healthier alternatives.

Moderator: Josie Ely
Dr. Reena Shadaan (Mustard Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute for Work and Health)
Dr. Jennifer Beeman (Executive Director, Breast Cancer Action Quebec)
Anna-Liza Badaloo (Journalist, facilitator, organizational consultant)

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Webinar 2

Living Up to White Beauty Standards is Toxic

February 22, 2023

A conversation about the adverse health effects of living up to white beauty standards, how systemic racism and colonial worldviews increase toxic exposures for racialized peoples, and how to challenge these beauty norms and advocate for change.

Moderator: Josie Ely
Jen Holness (Filmmaker, writer, producer, director)
Dr. Amina Mire (Associate Professor, Carleton University)
Shamsa Hassan (co-creator and founder of Afiya Beauty)

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Webinar 3

Lax Toxics Regulations and How to Advocate for Change

March 1, 2023

A conversation about how lax industry regulations contribute to toxic exposures in marginalized communities, and actions we can take for meaningful change.

Moderator: Josie Ely
Dr. Miriam Diamond (Professor, University of Toronto)
Cassie Barker (Toxics Senior Program Manager, Environmental Defence)
Muhannad Malas (Director of Law Reform, Ecojustice)

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