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The Environmental Injustice of Beauty

The ENRICH Project and partners,including Prevent Cancer Now, hosted a three-part webinar series about the adverse health impacts of toxic personal care products and beauty products. The webinars followed “The Environmental Injustice of Beauty” campaign, to raise awareness about the negative health effects of toxic products, as well as the role of Eurocentric beauty standards influencing product use.

Urge your MP to support sustainable agriculture

Concerns raised during the Federal Sustainable Agriculture Strategy consultation (including Prevent Cancer Now’s submission) were ignored the following day, in an April 1 announcement of a Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership. This was no April 1 joke. Agriculture Canada had asked for foundational input into the future of growing food, and the day after presented a fait accompli without including the requested input. The Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership is a $3.5-billion, 5-year agreement starting April 1, 2023, between the federal, provincial and territorial…