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Canadian Forces Base Gagetown Fact-Finding Project reports re: herbicide spraying, 1952–2004

CFB Gagetown is a large military training base in New Brunswick. Training grounds have been kept clear of foliage by the use of herbicides since 1956. As well, during the Cold War (1966 and 1967), the United States tested herbicides in small strips of northern forest on the base. Herbicide trials included Agent Orange and other “Rainbow Herbicides“ that became infamous during the Vietnam War. Members of the military and their families have been affected by these herbicides and associated…

Glyphosate and leukemia

Global Glyphosate Study leukemia results show leukemia in early adulthood when leukemia is very rare. The results align, however, with increasing leukemia in U.S., ages 15-39, since early 1990s. The picture is painted in four studies.