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High time to pass environmental racism bill, advocates say

Advocates for social justice and equity, environmental protection, and public health call on Parliament to expedite passage of Bill C-226, Canada’s first environmental racism law. The House of Commons committee approved the bill without amendment, so the bill is now in line for a final vote in the House of Commons and must then be passed in the Senate.

Hazard-based regulation to curb environmental impacts on health

If CEPA was indeed protecting public health, we would expect declining diseases from environmental exposures. Canadian examples point to the opposite. Endocrine-related obesity and metabolic syndrome, disorders of early development and sexual differentiation, and cancers in hormone-sensitive tissues have not been prevented. Endocrine disruption does not follow classic dose-response, so these substances must be regulated based on their innate hazard. With many thousands of EDCs, classes of similar chemicals require group actions.