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Taking Action

“Unless somebody cares a whole awful lot, nothing’s going to get better, it’s not.”

— The Lorax (Dr. Seuss)

We can make Healthy Choices for ourselves, families and communities, but much is beyond individuals’ control. We cannot be healthy in a sick world, so Guided by Science, Prevent Cancer Now works for clean air, water and environments, and healthy food and products.

Prevent Cancer Now marshals the data and science, and challenges leaders and officials to establish laws, regulations and policies, making health and the environment top priorities.

These “rules of the game” determine the type and quality of products and technologies that are available to us all. Will the healthiest choices be available? Will the worst be banned? Now, at minutes to midnight on the climate and pollution clock, it is time to make least-toxic options the norm!

You too can be the change!

Preventing exposures that contribute to cancer is a very big job, and we can all help.

To change hearts and minds, we arm you with science to educate and advocate on specific topics, and for better rules to ensure least-toxic solutions.

Change for the better comes from informed citizens, working with leaders, inspired for the common good. Here are some tools.

Have Your Say, TODAY!

Your opportunities to advance cancer prevention.

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PCN Speaks Up

Our policy submissions and letters to advance least-toxic products and approaches.

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Getting Results

Our toolkit for meeting effectively with leaders, organizing public meetings and getting the word out in media.