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Take Action on Cosmetic Pesticides!


The Manitoba government is nearing the end of its public consultation on pesticide regulation and we need to let them know citizens support a strong ban on toxic lawn pesticides.

Even if you don’t live in Manitoba, please take a moment and do two things:

  1. Sign the petition for a comprehensive cosmetic pesticide ban; and
  2. Send an email in support of a ban on the use and sale of lawn and garden pesticides.

We have provided the text for your letter but are encouraging you to personalize it as much as possible. Your letter will have a bigger impact if it’s seen as unique and not a ‘form letter’. If you need information on the risks of — and alternatives to — cosmetic pesticides, be sure to visit our Ban Pesticides campaign web page.

You, our membership, always come through when we ask you to help. So thank you in advance for taking action today, and for all you do!

In health,
Diana Daghofer, Chair
Prevent Cancer Now