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Healthy food, people and planet – agriculture needs urgent sustainability transformation

Organic agriculture has sustainability answers, but Ag-Can isn’t asking!

Agriculture needs urgent transformations for sustainability

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As one of your constituents, I feel Canada’s newly announced Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (SCAP) is missing essential voices and strategies, and as such does not yet reflect recent public input to the Sustainable Agriculture Strategy.

SCAP omits organic and regenerative farming practices that are effective to improve soil health, pollinator populations and resilience against extremes of precipitation/drought — all while reducing inputs of fertilizers and pesticides. Organic and regenerative farming practices should be a backbone of sustainable farming methods going forward.

SCAP fails to address an essential, substantial, rapid scaling back of chemical inputs. In 2022, Canada committed to reduce, by at least half, pesticides and fertilizers (used largely in agriculture), by 2030.

The discussion lacks the focused urgency to rapidly blunt soil degradation, pesticide contamination, and disappearance of species. I support the National Farmers’ Union and many others in stating that urgent transformative changes are essential, and that incremental half-measures will fail. The NFU recommends a Canadian Farm Resilience Agency to “lead climate adaptation and emissions reduction, hire and train hundreds of independent agrologists, and create a network of demonstration farms where low-emission practices could be refined and showcased.”

Please let me know what more you will do to ensure that the Canadian government moves forward with an effective, comprehensive strategy to ensure a sustainable agriculture system.

Thank you.

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