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[Free Webinar] What Are Pink Ribbons Hiding? (October 16/17, 2013)
Why is the breast cancer epidemic still raging after 30 years of “awareness” and pink ribbon products? Each year, corporations pack the shelves with pink ribbon products, surrounding us with “breast cancer awareness” messages. These products help raise billions of dollars in the name of breast cancer, yet more than 40,000 women in the U.S. still die of the disease every year. And some of these pink ribbon products actually contain chemicals that increase our risk of breast cancer! At Breast Cancer Action, we call this pinkwashing: when companies make money off breast cancer while also increasing our risk of the disease. Time and again, companies are profiting off breast cancer while women are paying with their lives. We’ve had it up to here with this hypocritical practice. Don’t miss this important webinar hosted by Breast Cancer Action… MORE INFO

[Free Presentation] Prevention is the Cure (Ottawa, November 20, 2013)
Cancer will strike nearly half of us in our lifetime, but there are things we can do to tip the balance in our favour. Come to find out what you can do in your daily life, to help to prevent cancer or a recurrence, and to improve your overall health. Based on solid science, including the latest research findings, “Prevention is the Cure” was developed by the national, non-profit organization, Prevent Cancer Now, with support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. The presentation will be held November 20th from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Maplesoft Centre (1500 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa). To reserve a seat, please call: 613.247.3527

In the news…

New York Times (September 21)
Silencing Scientists (September 10)
David Suzuki: The problems with incinerating waste

Vancouver Observer (August 28)
Metro Vancouver marching to the beat of its own drummer on incinerator

Northumberland News (August 23)
Port Hope beef farmers see red over incineration plant  (Online Poll HERE)

CBC News (August 22)
Ottawa Enviro committee votes for Plasco incineration scheme extension

CBC News (August 7)
Eating raw garlic can prevent cancer: study

LiveScience (July 29)
Blood cancer lymphoma more common near factories

ABC News (July 23, 2013)
Investigation finds dangerous dioxins in widely used herbicide 2,4-D

Also in the FALL 2013 Issue of An Ounce

Published: October 15th, 2013