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Make Your Voice Heard – next steps

Sending a message to Canada’s officials, to protect global health.

Negotiating Mother Nature’s future is too important to leave to vested interests.

Thank you for coming here, to have your voice heard during COP15. The meetings have now concluded, with a new draft Convention on Biological Diversity.
Strides were made to protect ecosystems and for the global north to assist the global south to survive climate chaos that was largely not of their making.
We are working to clarify interpretation of the rather convoluted Target 7.


Reduce pollution risks and the negative impact of pollution from all sources, by 2030, to levels that are not harmful to biodiversity and ecosystem functions and services, considering cumulative effects, including: reducing excess nutrients lost to the environment by at least half including through more efficient nutrient cycling and use; reducing the overall risk from pesticides and highly hazardous chemicals by at least half including through integrated pest management, based on science, taking into account food security and livelihoods; and also preventing,reducing, and working towards eliminating plastic pollution.

We’ll share our assessment and suggested next steps shortly.
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