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Linking Environment and Health

Your genes are not your destiny! Identical twins look different (at least to those who know them) and do not necessarily succumb to the same diseases. Key differences lie in environmental exposures at home, school, work and play, in their air, water, food and what is absorbed through the skin. Increases in environmentally-linked conditions, and geographic hot-spots for disease, are signs that environmental protection is failing, and that safer choices are necessary.

The Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 governs most environmental exposures, and is being amended with Bill S-5: Strengthening Environmental Protection for a Healthier Canada Act. For pesticides, the Pest Management Regulatory Agency is undergoing “Transformation,” including amendments of the Pest Control Products Act, 2002.

As you will see, this is none too soon!

Serious environmentally-linked conditions are increasing in Canada

There are many ways to assess health conditions and environmental exposures, and to find links to take actions for prevention.

This is but a small sample of clear evidence of environmentally-linked serious diseases. This represents the tip of the iceberg, that has been investigated. The current practice of restricting harmful exposures only after research like this has been done, and then been replicated, is unethical and ineffective protection of public health. We must do better. Take ACTION today.