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Hundreds of recent scientific reports show harms from “wireless” radiofrequency radiation

This spreadsheet lists citations and abstracts/extracts of hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific publications published since Health Canada’s most recent review of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR), and the Parliamentary Health Committee’s 2015 report.

Excessive heating and resulting changes in behaviour are the adverse effects largely referenced by Health Canada. Nevertheless, independent scientists continue to report serious acute and chronic effects in humans as well as diverse biota, in the absence of excessive temperature increases.

What will you find in this collection?

  • Top international journals, publishing landmark studies from world-leading institutions, on biological effects of levels of RF-EMR exposure below the maximum limits in Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 human exposure guidelines.
  • Reports, replications and reviews of carcinogenicity findings for cell phone and even WiFi level exposures.
  • Clinical studies of individuals who are more overtly sensitive to RF-EMF, and laboratory studies of mechanisms of harms.
  • How RF-EMR harms flora and fauna, such as interfering with insects’ and birds’ navigation — an important factor along with pesticides and extreme weather causing biodiversity crises. For a summary of environmental concerns, see our White Paper “Protect the Birds, Bees and Trees.”

All research studies —
Primary research,
reviews and
Numbers of peer-reviewed publications reporting potentially adverse effects of radiofrequency radiation exposure at levels permitted and encountered in Canada.

NOTE: This collection is the result of volunteer scientists following the scientific literature over the years. This work was not funded, and does not represent a systematic review. We welcome feedback, additions and corrections: please email

Original posting: August 22, 2022; 292 unique publications. (Check back for updates!)

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