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Every Day is Cancer Prevention Day!


February is Cancer Prevention Month,
and the 4th was Cancer Prevention Day.

So I …

  • Ate my veggies
  • Got some exercise
  • Don’t smoke
  • Hardly drink, or don’t drink alcohol

— Am I safe?
— Maybe not.
— So, why not?

We all know young people who did all of the “right” things and still got cancer.

Cancer is not just a disease of aging – rates are going up in young people, many of whom leave behind young families and grieving parents.

Cancer is complex. It doesn’t pop up overnight.

Daily exposures to toxins in air, water, food and everyday products contribute to pathways that lead to cancer. There are lots of things you can do yourself – everyday actions and purchasing choices – to improve your odds of living a cancer-free life.

This isn’t enough.

We can’t hide under a rock and personal cancer prevention actions are not always feasible.

  • Help Prevent Cancer Now advocate for safer products. Chemicals should not be innocent until proven guilty of toxicity, and we shouldn’t need a magnifying glass and chemistry degree to make choices in the store.

Contact your MP and tell him/her that asbestos should not be used in any new federal infrastructure projects, or any projects period.

Contact your MP and ask them to support better pesticide regulation:

  • Close the loophole permitting “temporary” pesticide registrations, without a full risk assessment and disclosure of data. “Temporary” registrations are up to 20 years old!
  • Reinstate protections for the most vulnerable. This was introduced in the 2002 Act, and then neutered by Health Canada over the past decade.

Demand protective actions – worker protections, pesticides laws – whatever is close to your heart!

With your help and support we can do more! In 2015 we stood up and spoke out about pesticides, chemicals management, bitumen emissions, various contaminants, radioactive waste, radiofrequency radiation, and scientific methods.

And, if you feel like it, please consider donating to Prevent Cancer Now.

We pack a big punch, on a shoe-string budget. A few dollars would go a long way!

Thanks for your consideration!


Meg Sears, PhD
Chair, Prevent Cancer Now