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By Jake Cole

If you’re like me, you get a plea for money nearly everyday from some well-meaning organization. If you’re like me, you turn most of them down. You can only do so much.

So here I am, asking you to donate some money to our cause, cancer prevention. Why should you react to this request any differently?

Consider this:brochure-image-22

  1. Cancer is our #1 killer
  2. Nearly half of us will get it. The treatments are brutal. Only 60% of those who get it will survive 5 years
  3. Only 2% of our cancer expenditures go to preventing cancer
  4. At least 80% of cancers are preventable
  5. But few of us know how to prevent it

We are one of the few organizations that are trying to actively identify what actually causes cancer and how to prevent it! We try to get the latest information on cancer prevention and spread that information around. We try to influence our health systems, our governments and our major businesses to do more to prevent cancer. We can do a much better job of all that but we need financial assistance from people like you if we can hope to be more effective.

Please consider making a donation today to this worthy cause. We need you!

Jake Cole has been a longstanding advocate of health promotion and is a past Co-Chair of Prevent Cancer Now

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Also in the Summer 2012 Issue of An Ounce

Published: August 15th, 2012