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Botanic Organic – supporting healthy skin and cancer prevention

Prevent Cancer Now has been researching companies that will help you “walk the talk,” navigating the information we provide about toxins in our environment. To help you make smarter purchases, we’d like to introduce Botanic Organic. If you decide to try out their products, you will receive 10% off the purchase price, and PCN will get 10% to devote to our work for cancer prevention. You’ll feel beautiful inside and out!



Botanic Organic, founded in 2011, makes artisan crafted, organic, plant-based skincare. Their products are designed to calm the skin using anti-inflammatory, nutrient rich, raw and plant-based ingredients to gently sustain the skin’s natural processes of self-healing.

According to Canadian founder, Nancy Newsom: “It’s pretty incredible to witness how the same ingredients can help seemingly very different skin conditions.” Based on the theory that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, the organic compounds found in raw, plant-based ingredients create amazingly complex whole foods for skin. They are as beneficial in helping balance young, blemish prone skin as they are in nourishing and repairing mature, environmentally damaged skin.

What inspired Botanic Organic?

Nancy began creating skincare products as a way to treat her own skin after she became aware of the toxic ingredients that can be found in mainstream personal-care products. She says, “I was concerned about the cumulative impact of using many different types of conventional body-care products each and every day over my lifetime. Crafting for myself allowed me to choose very high quality organic and raw ingredients so that I would know exactly what I was putting onto my skin.” With her early formulations, Nancy’s only thought was to stop doing harm. She was actually surprised when she started to see serious improvements in her skin. “I guess I suffered from the same attitude back then that many others share still today; that natural products are obviously healthier for us, but that they don’t really work as well as the mainstream brands.”

Having busted that myth, Nancy felt compelled to do more research and experiment on the natural compounds she was using. She studied the process of creating natural skin and body care products and learned how to make plant extracts, distillates, lotions, creams, serums and balms. She also attended a natural perfuming seminar from an aromatherapy legend, Jeanne Rose.

What started as a personal endeavour eventually blossomed into a growing business. Nancy continues to research new compounds and to share her knowledge on the Botanic Organic blog where you can find out how herbs like calendula and licorice root can help environmentally damaged skin and soothe the redness that comes from acne or rosacea. Or how plantain, a common weed with a long history in herbal medicine of treating all kinds of skin disorders, has had many of its remarkable medicinal qualities confirmed by modern science.

Past Co-Chair of Prevent Cancer Now, Diana Daghofer, has been very impressed with the organic, plant-based skincare: “I have been using Botanic Organic products for over a year, and love their effect on my skin. It is clearer, smoother and just feels better. Knowing they are made with organic, plant-based ingredients is comforting as well.”

Take advantage of Nancy’s knowledge and great products at Botanic Organic, and support cancer prevention at the same time. Enter code “PCN10+10” for a 10% discount, with another 10% going to PCN. Offer ends December 31, 2015. You’ll look great and feel even better by 2016!

— The PCN Team