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  • Including pesticides and EMFs in Canada’s Biodiversity Strategy
  • Tackling two pollutants in Canada’s Biodiversity Strategy
  • Canada’s Biodiversity Strategy must address pesticides AND EMFs
  • Safer telecommunications, and sustainable agriculture — essential for biodiversity and food supplies

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I am pleased to respond to Canada’s biodiversity Milestone Report. There is no doubt that Canada must take substantial actions, including urgent reduction of pollution, to achieve our essential goals to preserve biodiversity. Data access is paramount for transparency, to assess risks, track progress, and research real world effects.


PESTICIDES are well recognized pollutants, that kill plants, small animals and microbes. They affect food webs and soil health — they are designed to reduce biodiversity.

Pesticides can also harm children and the unborn, and contribute to chronic disease and cancer.

Canada is a heavy user of pesticides, so it is urgent to shift to safer solutions as much as possible for farming, forestry, landscaping and sports facilities, and eliminating vegetation on rights of way and military training grounds.

Support and ongoing research are need for:

  • farmers, to learn and adopt practices and strategies of organic, regenerative agriculture;
  • a nation-wide shift to least-toxic approaches for landscaping, building on Ontario’s example;
  • a nation-wide shift to least-toxic approaches for forestry, building on Quebec’s example; and
  • stronger regulation to replace higher risk products and mixtures, with safer practices and products.


ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION (EMFs) from modern technologies was elevated to the Milestone document, by 2023 Survey responses. EMFs must be addressed in Canada’s Biodiversity Strategy.

Environment and Climate Change Canada’s 2020 review by Dr. Fernie makes it clear that EMFs from modern technologies pose risks and deserve study. Precaution is paramount.

Much more scientific information on mechanisms, and effects on birds, insects, trees and other species is available at

Alternative, non-emitting solutions are readily available, yet this agent is increasing rapidly in the environment. Thus a precautionary approach under Target 7 should result in effective pollution prevention and research.


THANK YOU for the opportunity to contribute to this very important consultation. Please keep me informed as pesticides and EMFs are addressed to protect and hopefully recover Canada’s biodiversity.


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