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Healthy Choices

Avoid harmful exposures at home, school, work and play.

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Taking Action

Speak up for healthier products, services and environments.

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Guided by Science

Make least-toxic the norm. Understand and counter vested interests that thwart health.

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Take action TODAY — It’s time to update & strengthen Canada’s key laws on chemicals

Send a message to your MP, the new Cabinet and key Opposition critics.

More Ways, Together, To Take Action Now

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The Liberals promised to amend pesticides legislation — but some immediate changes could help to improve pesticide assessment.

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Three years is too long to phase out chlorpyrifos, a toxic insecticide related to nerve gases from WW II. PCN and Safe Food Matters, represented by Ecojustice, are seeking Judicial Review of the delay.

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Fragrance Ingredients

Health Canada is asking about fragrance ingredients that provoke asthma. Thousands of chemicals are in question. Some can also cause cancer and interfere with hormone actions.

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Appeal for Safe Tech

Sign the Appeal for safer, faster, reliable fibre for telecommunications.

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