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Asbestos in Canada’s Drinking Water

Action is needed on this toxic legacy.

Underground, out of sight and out of mind, asbestos remains in infrastructure, including asbestos cement (AC) water pipes

These rapidly-deteriorating pipes were installed in Canada from the 1930s into the 1990s. They shed asbestos into water. Inhaled or ingested, asbestos causes cancer.

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How should this principle work in law?

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THE GOVERNMENT of Canada’s response to Parliamentary Petition e-4375 on asbestos-cement water pipes was posted on January 29. PCN’s mixed review is here. Meanwhile, asbestos fibres in drinking water pipes are attracting wide attention overseas.

Scotland: Health concerns raised over asbestos in tap water
BBC: Asbestos in drinking water: What does it mean for human health?
EU Observer: A hidden threat: Asbestos fibres in our drinking water

Mar. 23, 2023 / A major peer-reviewed publication reports that many aspects of child development can be affected by radiofrequency “wireless” radiation, and screen time.

Leading international scientists find impacts on bonding, speech acquisition, behaviour, socialization, learning and addictions. Cancer risks are also increased.

Recommendations include use of wired technologies, that wireless radiation exposures be “ALARA” (as low as reasonably achievable), that physicians query use of tech in well-child visits, and research to prevent and investigate electrohypersensitivity.

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Asbestos in Drinking Water
Asbestos Cement Water Pipes: The Unknown/Forgotten Legacy — March 2024 Presentation to the Environmental Information Association, San Diego, by PCN Board member Julian Branch.
In this Fall 2023 webinar, Dr. Meg Sears, Chair of the Board of Prevent Cancer Now, and Board member Julian Branch explain the history of asbestos in water, the science behind health risks of ingested asbestos, and recent developments.
Slides for the presentation.
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North Bruce Peninsula proposed cell tower

The Municipality of North Bruce Peninsula is considering a 90 m cell tower in a “dark skies” region. This risks environmental EHS refuges, and S. Ontario’s only UNESCO natural heritage site.

Educators refusing work, aside powerful cell tower in North York

Educators are refusing to work, due to health concerns over emissions from numerous network antennas on a  nearby cell tower. This action is also for children’s health. Radiofrequency emissions are harmful, and children are most vulnerable.