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The Right to a Healthy Environment: Making it REAL

Urge your Senators and Ministers to take FOUR KEY STEPS in reforming the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.

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The world has changed and we’ve learned a lot since CEPA, Canada’s most important environmental law, came into effect a generation ago. Right now, the Senate is considering Bill S-5, Strengthening Environmental Protection for a Healthier Canada Act. PCN and other health and environment groups are working to modernize it. Join our mailing list to learn about next steps!

Watch PCN’s Testimony

Environmental health was the focus of a two-hour Senate hearing on May 12th, packed with perspectives from environmental health scholars, legal experts and advocates.

Prevent Cancer Now Chair, Dr. Meg Sears begins at 10:02, and answers questions afterwards.

Dr. Meg Sears addresses Senators on Bill S-5

Read PCN’s Submissions

Amending the Canadian Environmental Protection Act for 2022 and Beyond

Radiofrequency Radiation White Paper: Protect Birds, Bees and Trees: Include Anthropogenic Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation in Canadian Environmental Protection Act Amendments

Watch the May 17th Senate CEPA Hearings

The Senate Standing Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources will hear from some of Canada’s leading environmental lawyers, advocates and scholars, squaring off against industry, on Tuesday, May 17.

Panel 1 (6:30 – 7:30 pm ET)
features the Canadian Environmental Law Association and international human and environmental rights legal scholar Dr. David Boydand the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and Mining Association of Canada.

Panel 2 (7:30 – 830 pm ET)
features representatives of
Ecojustice Canada, Environmental Defence Canada, Humane Canada and Nature Canada speaking about human and environmental health, reducing animal testing, and hazards of escape of genetically modified animals.

View Past PCN Submissions on CEPA Reform and Chemicals Assessment

Falling Short on the “Right to a Healthy Environment”

PCN supports four key steps to fix Bill S-5, to give Canadians a chance of a real and meaningful Right to a Healthy Environment.

Apply a climate lens.
Regulate non-ionizing radiation.
Catch up with a generation of science and experience.
Don’t go backwards.

Also published in:

The National Observer

by Meg Sears, PCN Chair

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Moving Canada off a toxic treadmill of chemicals laws

For decades, researchers have demonstrated the benefits of pollution prevention — with potential savings to Canadians of billions in healthcare, disaster response, and lost opportunities.

Also published in:

The Hill Times

by Meg Sears

Canada needs due process in law to assess and regulate “wireless radiation”

Radiofrequency radiation from telecommunications is bioactive.

CEPA reform should include a new section of the Act requiring research on its effects and protecting environmental and human health.

Science meets the law

How could the Canadian Environmental Protection Act be improved? A webinar with PCN Chair Meg Sears, hosted by CELA.

Experts answer: is chemical assessment protecting us against low dose and delayed effects?

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The Liberals promised to amend pesticides legislation — but some immediate changes could help to improve pesticide assessment.

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Three years is too long to phase out chlorpyrifos, an insecticide related to WW2 nerve gases. PCN and Safe Food Matters are seeking Judicial Review of the delay.

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Fragrance Ingredients

Health Canada is asking about fragrance ingredients that provoke asthma. Thousands are in question. Some also cause cancer and disrupt hormones.

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Appeal for Safe Tech

Sign the Appeal for safer, faster, reliable fibre for telecommunications.

Take Action on
Environmental Racism
· Click for details ·

Help pass Canada’s first environmental racism law

Join the campaign!

A broad spectrum of groups urges Parliament to expedite the passage of Canada’s first environmental racism bill, ahead of the House of Commons debate

On April 26, Parliament begins debate of Bill C-226, on “Development of a National Strategy to Assess, Prevent and Address Environmental Racism and To Advance Environmental Justice.” Social justice organizations, health organizations, academics, rights campaigners, and environmental groups are calling on MPs to pass Canada’s first environmental racism law before their summer recess.

Falling Short on the “Right to a Healthy Environment”

Like a breath of fresh air amid big-rig diesel fumes, on Feb. 9, Minister Steven Guilbeault introduced Bill S-5, Strengthening Environmental Protection for a Healthier Canada Act, to the Senate. Featuring “the right to a healthy environment,” its introduction should launch important improvements to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA). Come March, lawyers at the Canadian Environmental Law Association called for the minister to fix long-standing deficiencies before Bill S-5 reaches committee. They point to the right to a…

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