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CTV News reports that aging asbestos cement water pipes are in 90% of Canadian municipalities that responded to queries.

Mar. 23, 2023 / A major peer-reviewed publication reports that every aspect of child development can be affected by radiofrequency “wireless” radiation, and screen time.

Leading international authors find impacts on bonding, speech acquisition, behaviour, socialization, learning and addictions. Cancer risks are also increased.

Recommendations include use of wired technologies, wireless radiation exposures “ALARA” (as low as reasonably achievable), that physicians query use of tech in well-child visits, and research to prevent and investigate electrohypersensitivity.

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W5: Asbestos in Our Drinking Water?

On Saturday, March 25 at 7 p.m., CTV W5 investigates aging asbestos pipes across Canada and the potential health hazards if this known and potent carcinogen ends up in your tap water.

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Inhaled or ingested, asbestos causes cancer

Health Canada’s 1989 assessment of ingested asbestos is incomplete and out of date. Asbestos is a multi-site carcinogen, and swallowing it can lead to liver and gastrointestinal cancers.

Canada’s asbestos cement water pipe research — a brief history

Deteriorated asbestos cement pipes can shed fibres into the water and pose a hazard of cancer. Canada’s Centre for Sustainable Infrastructure Research (CSIR) in Regina (now closed) produced many studies of asbestos cement (AC) water pipes as a “health concern.”

Sustainable Agriculture Strategy – Ambitious success, from the Guelph Organic Conference

A day-long Friday session with progressive organic farmer Rick Clark kicked off the 2023 Guelph Organic Conference. A double classroom was packed with farmers, keenly listening, questioning, and figuring out what could work for them. Prevent Cancer Now was honoured to be in the audience. We offer this example to inspire ambitious vision and goals for a Sustainable Agriculture Strategy consultation by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, open until March 31, 2023. We DO NOT AGREE that: … pesticides should, “play…

High time to pass environmental racism bill, advocates say

Advocates for social justice and equity, environmental protection, and public health call on Parliament to expedite passage of Bill C-226, Canada’s first environmental racism law. The House of Commons committee approved the bill without amendment, so the bill is now in line for a final vote in the House of Commons and must then be passed in the Senate.

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